Bring music to every corner of your home by using one of the many flexible Control4 multi-room audio solutions. Whether your home audio needs are very simple, highly specialized, or somewhere in between, Control4® products make it easy to find a solution that will rock your entire house. The possibilities are endless — with installation and operation easier than you ever imagined. And because Control4 audio products are so affordably priced, there is a multi-room audio solution for practically any budget. Here are just a few of the many ways to bring music to everyone in the house, wherever they may be.

Enjoy music anywhere and everywhere with Control4.Control4_lifestyle_4.jpg

With Control4 multi-room music solutions, you can enjoy your music virtually any where and everywhere in your home. With easy access to your digital music collection, multiple music streams from Rhapsody*, and your iPods, your options are virtually limitless. You can listen to the game while you’re working in the garage. Your wife is enjoying her favorite Top 40/broadway hits/reggae playlist in the kitchen while she’s finishing dinner. Your daughter is rocking out to every Britney song ever produced in her room, and the boys are cranking some horrible rap stuff in the game room. The best part? You have total control over what your kids are listening to, and how loud it is.



The Sonos Multi-room Music System is the easiest and most user-friendly way to take all that music stored on your computers, home network and internet and share it throughout the house. Its propscaled_Sonos-Family-of-Controllers_English.jpgrietary wireless network makes it a snap for the average home owner to begin enjoying distributed audio right out of the box without the hassel of running new cabling and loading all their music onto a audio server. Controlling all that music couldn't be simpler. A straight foward interface let's you manage your system of upto 32 zones on a handheld remote, on your laptop or desktop computer or even with an app. for your iPhone or iTouch.